Kundalini Dance

June 17, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Kundalini Dance


8 Week transformational dance journey beginning Monday 6th May. Just $15 for the first dance.

BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE: http://trish-bebrouth-coaching.com/kundalini-dance/

* late registrations can pay at the door

Finally after 4 years its back on the Sunshine Coast!!! Come and experience Kundalini Dance ~ A powerful, sacred healing dance practice, journeying deeply through each chakra.

Drop your masks, your ideas of limitation and conformity, shake off the expectations of the outside world and come home to the centre of SELF LOVE.

This healing dance supports you to release any constriction held in your body and energy field that may be preventing you from experiencing YOURSELF as LOVE.

Kundalini Dance is gently, safely and intuitively guided and opens and closes with a brief sharing circle connecting you to your own energy, your dancing tribe, the powerful, grounding earth energy and to the healing energy of spirit.

It is largely an internal experience, a dance of inner presence, requiring no experience or fancy dance moves. It is a deeply healing spiritual practice offering a safe container in which to move, feel, express and release whatever you might be holding in your body, right in that present moment.

Feel what it is to let go with guided breath, sound and movement. Feel your heart open as you clear out any stagnant energy and invite divine light in to clear old wounding and reignite every cell in your body with unconditional love.

The sacred alchemical practice of Kundalini Dance guides you to awaken your inner healer and to access your own tantric energy, your creative life force energy ~ your sexual energy, igniting your inner fire so you feel more alive, empowered and present in your body!!!

This experience helps awaken you to your highest vibrational potential and enables you to FEEL and LOVE all of the parts of YOURSELF, wildly, passionately and deeply and without reservation ~ Therein lies the transformation.

* Monday Mornings 6th May ~ 24th June
* Arrive 9.50 am for 10am start ~ 11.30 finish
* Mapleton Hall
* Wear layered comfortable clothing
* Bring water bottle
* Cost for 7 week Kundalini Dance series ~ $250 for the Early Bird or $290
* Payment plans can be arranged